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42 Million Moments is audio collage depicting a life journey. Nearly 80 years of life - 42 million moments - condensed into 187 seconds. It includes a sample from The Books titled IDKT.

It was commissioned as part of Bricolage’s immersive theater piece STRATA, which was featured on the July 2013 cover of American Theatre Magazine.

Throughout the STRATA experience, participants were led individually to a series of vastly different rooms - a doctor’s office, a monk’s room, a poker room, a backyard with a swing, etc. - where they interacted with actors. Though I gathered sounds for many of these locations, my main contribution to this adventure was the Life Room.

One of the last stops on the audience journey was The Life Room, a whitewashed nook containing only a chair and a speaker.  My job was to fill it with life. Specifically, I was asked to spend one week creating a three-minute soundscape representing a life-to-death journey.

SOUND DESIGNER The Liar, Kinetic Theatre

Here, I added some spunk to Vivaldi's Mandolin Concerto in C for Kinetic Theatre's production of The Liar.

The script was delightful. David Ives translated this 17th century French play into modern English, using iambic pentameter. The result was a hilarious mashup of old and new, echoed by the set, costume and sound designs.

john henry.jpeg

SOUND DESIGNER & DEVISER JH: Mechanics of a Legend, Hiawatha Project

JH: Mechanics of a Legend examines the Reconstruction Era through the legend of John Henry and machine metaphors. 

I was lucky enough to be part of the team that spent two years researching, devising the script and creating a full stage production.

In the story's climax, John Henry races a steam drill through the mountain, and sound became the most important onstage presentation of the machine. Attached are two versions of this final scene - one with rehearsal vocals for reference, and one of just the soundscape.

SOUND DESIGNER The Birds, 12 Peers Theater

My antagonist stage debut!
In Connor McPhearson's stage adaptation of The Birds (yes, THAT Birds - the Daphne du Maurier's short story turned Hitchcock classic), three strangers huddle in a New England cottage and pray that the attacking birds can't peck their way through the boarded up windows.


The Union Edge is a live 12-3pm weekday talk show focused on the labor movement and politics of the working class. The attached are two of our newest weekly feature segments, "Healthcare Politics with Steve Larchuk" and "The New American Economy."

My role as executive producer is broad. I'm in charge of everything technical, and I engineer many of the broadcasts myself - including these. Creatively, I focus on making sure we have the most engaging, highest quality content possible.

Please note that this is a live show, so these are largely unedited, just formatted for podcast. The New American Economy segment begins after the 6:00 top-of-hour news.