Let's make some noise.

When someone in a coffee shop or a crowded bar asks me what I do, it feels a bit like a trick question. I usually just pick a title and keep it short. “I’m a sound designer” or “I produce a talk radio show” or “I mix rock shows.” Really, I delight in making and mixing sounds that tell a story.


I prefer to live in the spaces between music and noise. One morning, when I was nose deep in my ear training classes at Berklee, I woke slowly to the sound of the wind whipping around the corner of my apartment building from multiple directions. In my semi conscious state, I found myself trying to determine the interval between the winds. I take this mentality with me, and make continue to music of everything around me.

I’m a problem solver, and I’m most attracted to puzzles. My brilliant high school English teacher once made us write papers in exactly thirteen sentences, explaining that we had to learn the dimensions and limitations of The Box before we were allowed to think and write outside of it – intentionally and purposefully. I have grown to love these limitations because they challenge me. Only once I’ve learned The Boxes' dimensions can I properly cut holes in their tops to make skylights.

I love to collaborate, and I especially enjoy working with artists of other disciplines.

If you'd like to work together, or even just chat, drop me a line at baughman.angela@gmail.com. 


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