42 Million Moments is audio collage depicting a life journey. Nearly 80 years of life- 42 million moments- condensed into 187 seconds. The piece includes a sample from The Books titled IDKT.

It was commissioned as part of Bricolage’s immersive theater piece STRATA, which was featured on the July 2013 cover of American Theatre Magazine.

Throughout the STRATA experience, participants were led individually to a series of vastly different rooms - a doctor’s office, a monk’s room, a poker room, a backyard with a swing, etc. - where they interacted with actors. Though I gathered sounds for many of these locations, mymain contribution to this adventure was the Life Room.

One of the last stops on the audience journey was The Life Room, a whitewashed nook containing only a chair and a speaker.  My job was to fill it with life. Specifically, I was asked to spend one week creating a three-minute soundscape representing a life-to-death journey.